(Updated Oct 2021: Ian, Seth, Mallary, Mila, Alvin)

Allow me to introduce myself and my wonderful family. Hello, I’m Alvin, and this is my lovely wife, Mallary, along with our growing family consisting of Ian, Seth, and our precious baby girl, Mila.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing family, and I am grateful for the skills and talents that enable me to earn a living through online endeavors.

Currently residing in Fort Worth, Texas, I have accumulated over 20 years of experience in diverse roles encompassing operations, marketing, and technology. I have primarily focused on software and web development throughout my career, working with startups and Fortune 1000 companies.

Transitioning from marketplace to vocational ministry throughout the last decade, I’ve partnered with quite a few churches to lead their technical efforts in helping to optimize synergy between systems, processes, and people as it pertains to Church Management Software and Solutions.

So, why Ministry Scheduler Pro API?

Well, just like CCBTutorials.com aims to help churches to migrate and integrate using the CCB API, MSPTutorials.com is designed to empower both technical and non-technical individuals to access their Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) data and seamlessly integrate it with third-party applications using the MSP API.

Based on my proficient experience with APIs like CCB, I am now sharing various tips and tricks related to the MSP API. These resources aim to help you:

  • Access, manage, share, and modify data without requiring advanced programming skills.
  • Save time and money by learning efficient ways to export and migrate data to and from MSP.
  • Seamlessly integrate MSP with third-party applications.

Many churches, especially smaller ones, lack the technical staff or expertise needed for in-house software development. Recognizing this, MSPTutorials.com aims to bridge the gap and provide non-technical individuals with the means to harness the power of MSP, even if they have no prior programming experience.

I hope you find MSPTutorials.com to be user-friendly and easy to understand. If you can read, follow instructions, and are willing to learn, you are fully equipped to create your own customized MSP scripts.

Are you ready to embark on your MSP Tutorials journey? Let’s get started together!